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Covid-19's second wave was quite devastating. Because of the constant discovery of new viral types and mutations, it's imperative that we be ready for anything comes our way. It is possible that a third wave of coronavirus will emerge while immunizations are still being administered and many people have been totally protected. As a result, people should purchase medical insurance that includes coronavirus coverage in the event of an emergency, in order to meet the rising cost of hospitalisation.

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Find health insurance to cover medical emergencies.
In these uncertain times, it is critical to safeguard yourself and your family from unexpected medical emergencies.During this pandemic, we see how costly emergency medical procedures and hospitalisation may be.Thus, purchasing health insurance can be the greatest way to protect your future.Care Health Insurance offers comprehensive health insurance coverage to safeguard you and your family.
How does health insurance help?
Fighting medical emergencies can be costly when medical inflation in India is rising rapidly. Medical insurance will provide financial security in times of need. Above all, health insurance policies protect you by covering medical expenses other than hospital bills, therefore protecting your hard-earned savings.
Why Choose Line Up Solution ?
Line Up Solution offers economical health insurance policies.In addition to cashless treatment, we provide a hassle-free claim settlement process for our consumers.In addition to cashless hospitalisation, our health insurance policies include day care, alternative treatment options, no claim bonus, lifelong renewal, and annual health check-ups.

Manage chronic diseases intelligently now.

With our integrated solution, you can reimagine healthcare and better control lifestyle diseases than ever before.
One app to reinvent healthcare.

We're on a quest to produce patient-centric healthcare solutions.Our product is meant to provide exceptional insights and care for each user.

Get smarter about your health.

We're on a quest to produce patient-centric healthcare solutions.Our product is meant to provide exceptional insights and care for each user.

Stay connected to our services.

We're on a quest to produce patient-centric healthcare solutions.Our product is meant to provide exceptional insights and care for each user.

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Healthcare is changing, and we're leading the way.

We are a group of healthcare professionals dedicated to providing affordable, high-quality treatment to the public. We're here to help you live a healthier lifestyle by providing you with the basic healthcare supplies you need in the comfort of your own home.
Coverage Against COVID-19
16500+ Cashless Healthcare Providers
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Healthcare is changing, and we're leading the way.

Welcome to the first connected healthcare ecosystem in India.

Lineup Solution, backed by some of the most well-known names in global healthcare, is establishing a new model of care for all the diseases that are caused by a person's way of life.

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Vechile Insurance

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Third-party Damage Coverage
With sufficient coverage, you can pay for the damages that occurred after a collision with a third-party. Without motor insurance, you’ll have to pay from your pocket, and an appropriate amount of coverage can take care of such expenses.
Security Against Theft
Theft is one of the most significant threats on a vehicle. But with a vehicle insurance policy, you are protected against theft, vandalism, and all man-made harmful activities.
Insurance against Personal Injuries
Not every vehicle owner is lucky to get out of accidents without suffering from injuries. The motor insurance policy will pay for all the minor and major injuries that might occur due to accidents.

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Healthcare is changing, and we're leading the way.
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